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I'd always sensed there was much more to life than what I was experiencing. However, I ended up living a mainstream life and searching self-realization through external means. I closed my heart (its guidance felt too risky and weird!) and relied on my linear mind and its search for comfort, stability and security. As hard as I tried to stuff my deepest calling and fit into ordinary life choices, I couldn't carry it off. I had an unexpected wake-up call that changed my life forever! My awakening was confusing and disorienting at first but I became passionate and enthusiastic about the whole new world that was being revealed through me. That experience helped me understand our evolutionary path and share that wisdom to make the Human Journey easier and more exciting!

I have devoted my life to my highest service/calling and I love guiding those who are ready to align with their universal purpose, reconnect with their innate gifts and talents and embrace their Humanitarian Role.

Ready to experience total freedom? Ready for transcendence?

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I had always believed that great opportunities were meant for others but were totally unavailable to me. I admired visionary leaders and those who made life choices freely, without being limited by social conditioning. I wondered why they could stay calm in the midst of daily challenges and why they looked so peaceful and centred.

I started looking for spiritual answers and I realized, along the way, that all those qualities that I projected out onto others were also aspects of my Self. That realization was mind-blowing! It triggered a radical transformation within me that encouraged me to connect with my life purpose and, eventually, step into full service.

I am now passionate about sharing my insights and tools to guide you as you activate your inner power and align with your most abundant realities!

What dream/reality would you love to materialize? I invite you to trust your own unique path of awakening and empowerment. I can support you in un-veiling your multidimensional gifts so that you can embrace Self-Mastery and expand beyond your limits!

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I spent my whole life trying to feel free. I had convinced myself that I was fulfilled and was living up to my full potential. I didn't realize back then that I had set low standards for myself because I wanted to fit in and I was afraid of walking my own path. Also, I worried about letting people down and stepping out of my comfort zone. I didn't trust my inner guidance and buried my deepest yearnings

However, I found my true calling! Transcending my fears was easier than I expected. I aligned with my life purpose and started living a heart-centred life. I embraced freedom and I love supporting those who are ready to reconnect with their true Self, inner gifts and highest vision. I also guide people to reunite whith their sacred love. 

Are you willing to transform your life from the inside out? Are you ready to align with your highest purpose?

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I collected many degrees along my life: educational psychologist, mother, holistic therapist and leader of my own projects. I believed that those degrees and roles defined me and would provide lifelong security and validation.

Even if I was stuck in my comfort zone and felt that life had nothing more to offer I made a life-changing choice: I decided to stop compromising, to embrace abundance and trust my highest vision. I took 100% responsibility for my life and started experiencing joy and deep appreciation as I honoured my life purpose and aligned with my soul path.

You can listen to your inner guidance and become fearless too! Ready to love yourself completely and claim your dreams?

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Most of my life I've been involved in low-frequency realities. I battled them and argued with the density I was experiencing until I discovered my own inner power to activate a new existence and the ability to align with my authentic Self and make inspired choices.

My spiritual path displayed a myriad of experiences and after walking down that road for quite some time I feel I have cleared limiting programs and opened the portal to higher dimensions of consciousness.

I have devoted my life to supporting others in un-covering their own divine gifts and purpose and realigning with universal abundance, joy and evolutionary timelines. Ready to ascend?

Welcome to our Enlightened Community!

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